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Deal Announcement

“Perseverance always pays off” it’s a common saying, but, until you experience it, it’s hard to grasp its meaning.

After a long wait, I can say it’s true. Perseverance and patience are the keys for moving forward, for I am still in awe at knowing my debut picture book soon would see the light!!

This project holds my heart, lots of memories, experiences, things I witnessed, and many other things that are gone. This story is the result of honoring those memories. I hope How to Eat a Mango can, too, find its way inside your hearts.

Sharing this project with such talented people is a dream come true. Juliana Perdomo’s (“Sometimes, All I Need Is Me,” “El Cucuy Is Scared, Too!”) illustrations are warm and sweet, like home and mangoes, and Neal Porter is a genius in picture book making. Thank you all for believing in this story.


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