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How to Eat a Mango has received three starred reviews!

Updated: Jul 9

When I write a story, I don't usually think about reviews or awards; my focus is on how I feel, on how my characters convey a specific emotion, on the moment the pencil touches the blank page and fills it with scribbles that hope to take shape and make sense. It is a pleasure to see my writing take form, to see my characters grow with each word that comes out of their mouths, and with each feeling that beats in their hearts.

However, I can't help but rejoice in seeing that I have managed to convey all these emotions and connect with the initial readers of this book.

I thank Kirkus Review and Publisher Weekly and SLJ for giving me the honor of awarding How to Eat a Mango a starred review each. Thank you for the support!

⭐"Readers will appreciate the warmth and wisdom woven throughout this touching story of discovery and familial love.

A heartwarming—and delectable—narrative that readers will treasure."

Kirkus Reviews. STARRED review. Read the full review here.

⭐"A grandchild resists helping to harvest mangoes at the start of a layered picture book that melds concepts of counting, senses, and values. When Carmencita expresses a dislike of the fruit, Abuelita answers, “There’s more to a mango, mi amor,” and, counting in Spanish, explains five sensory steps to appreciating the tree’s bounty. (...) Sunny, shape-based digital images by Perdomo radiate joyous warmth and nurturing. An author’s note connects the story to Santos’s childhood in Venezuela. A Spanish edition publishes simultaneously."

Publishers Weekly. STARRED review. Read the full review here.

⭐"A vibrant picture book that sets up a wonderful way for individual readers or an entire classroom to reflect on the natural wonders all around them."

SLJ. STARRED review. Read the full review here.


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