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My second picture book was finally announce!

Finally, I can share some exciting news! I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming picture book, A HOUSE IN MY BARRIO, illustrated by the fabulous Olivia Sua! I am so grateful for the wonderful team behind it. Thank you, Mark Podesta, at Henry Holt, and special thanks to my agent Jennifer Rofé, whose beautiful heart and wisdom helped me shape this story!

All of my stories have their roots in my culture, family, and emotions. A House in My Barrio is not the exception. When I was in primary school, I used to visit an elderly friend. Her house was small but, for me, it was an oasis of possibilities.

A House in My Barrio follows a boy named Manuel who, after a beloved pillar of his community named Mamá Elena is bedridden, inspires his family and neighbors to come together to support the woman who has done so much for him and the people he loves. Publication is slated for fall 2026. Keep your eyes open for this one!! 

Deal Announcement. A House in My Barrio by Paola Santos


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