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School Visits

Honorarium per day

15-minute Virtual Storytime/Q&A   

CAD $75 plus GST - Canadian market or FREE (See details below)

CAD $100 plus GST

$ 120 - US market

Or FREE (See details below)

CAD $150 plus GTS

$200 - US market

CAD $250 plus GTS

$400 - US market

CAD $400 plus GST

$750 - US market

20-30 minutes.

Single presentation. Up to 75 minutes

Half-day (includes two 75-minute presentations and/or workshops) 

Full day (includes three 75-minute presentations and/or workshops

NOTES: Travel expenses, lodging, and transportation will be added to the above.

In-person visits will be limited to the Edmonton area (Canada).


  • FREE 15-minute virtual Storytime/Q&A if teachers are using my book in the classroom.

  • FREE 30-minute virtual or in-person Storytime/Q&A with the purchase of 10 or more books. Travel restrictions apply.

  • Title I schools are eligible for discounted visits. Travel restrictions apply.

  • Classes who order 30 or more copies of my book are eligible for FREE visits (One presentation for one class) with proof of purchase; copies must be ordered before the scheduled event. Travel restrictions apply.

As a native Spanish speaker, I love my language, its sounds, and its rhythms. For those schools with bilingual programs, I’ll be happy to adjust my presentations according to curriculum requirements and assist teachers to emphasize the student’s language learning.

All presentations are available in Spanish, English, or Spanglish!

In-Person and Virtual Author Visit Options

As a writer, I love talking with everybody who enjoys reading or writing. As an immigrant, I love sharing my culture, traditions, and experiences in writing in a second language.

I’m available to do talks and workshops on various topics, like my publishing journey, writing process, and how my culture and family have influenced my stories. Also, I would love to give children a little taste of the crafting process, from the initial idea to the end product and all those things we consider in between. 

My goal as author and facilitator is to provide an enjoyable presentation in which everyone has the opportunity to participate. For this reason, all talks and workshops listed below are offered virtually or in person.

If you require any extra information or have questions about the presentations or budget, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Program Packages:

Up to 30-minute Programs

  • Storytime/Q&A with small craft or mini-workshop:  Interactive Storytime with a brief Q&A and a small craft activity or writing exercise.

  • Author Talk: Includes a small presentation about my journey from a child without access to public libraries or school visits to an author writing in a second language, and a Q&A session.

20-30 minutes


Up to 75-minute Programs

  • A Book Blooms/Un libro florece: This presentation focuses on the book's journey from its idea to the book children have on their hands. After reading the book, I will share with them what inspired me to write it, the other story ideas considered, and the early drafts. We will also dive into HOW TO and WHY exercises, so children can develop their own ideas. The presentation will end with a Q&A session. 45-60 minutes.

  • An Idea in My Pocket/Una idea en mi bolsillo. Writing Story Ideas: After a read-aloud of my book, this interactive workshop will guide children to go deep into their creative process. Through engaging exercises, children will generate ideas from the absurd to the logical and back. We will also talk about what makes a story work and its structure. In the end, we will make up our own collective story. 45-60 minutes

  • Writing with My Senses/Escribir a través de mis sentidos Workshop: The senses are an essential part of life and writing, whether we are conscious of them or not. In this workshop, children will explore their surroundings through interactive exercises, so they can discover the world from the particular to the general. 45-60 minutes

  • Exploring Culture and Family/Explorando cultura y familia Workshop: As an immigrant, my favorite topics are culture and family traditions. So, how can we create stories from our personal lives? Culture can include a large group of people, or our own family and the small rituals created every weekend or holiday. We all want to belong.

After a read-aloud, this interactive workshop will explore the children's family traditions, favorite holidays, foods, activities, and even places. We will also talk about the important people in our lives, and create our own stories around them. 45-60 minutes

  • I Am Who I Am/Soy quien soy Poetry Workshop: Poetry is for everyone, for even the youngest have a sense of rhythm and tons of imagination. Poetry is not just metric. Poetry is FREEDOM. I love to write free verses, no structures, no rules, just words and myself. It is a great exercise to free the creative mind.

In this interactive workshop, I will guide children into their hearts and emotions. First, we will read aloud from my book and discover rhythm within the prose. I will encourage children to follow the character in her path of discovering herself and what makes her who she is. Can we find similar elements in our lives? With engaging exercises, children will create their own free-verse poem about how they perceive themselves.

This workshop is best for grades 3 and 4, although an adjusted version can be created for grades K-2. This workshop is ideal for small groups, like individual classrooms. 45-60 minutes


NOTE: If you have an idea for a workshop that’s not listed here, contact me! I’d love to work with you to create a session that fits you.

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